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A Results-Driven Training Method

Choose the painting of choice & submit number or name under the image.

If you want a different format, Framed, Canvas, or Acrylic, and what size we will contact you to invoice.

Our "Face" aka Princess Fayce souvenir image is on Redbubble for any format to order directly.

Eclectic Creations


A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

Your print is for 11x17 poster size with Certificate of Authenticity available at $75.

If you would like a frame, canvas or any extras. Email us for total & address for shipping.  We will follow up to confirm details and final invoice.

Prints with shipping & tax $75.00
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One of a kind original painting & Certificate of Authenticity $250.00+

For Print & extras total and use the donate button instead of Buy Now!
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MCN: gI9GApqdQBwrbh5t
Purple Passion

Let's Get Started

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Turn design into fabric!
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