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How do I use the water product?

Our hydration drops alkaline water. 6 drops in a glass gallon jug will make your water work well.  The small bottle can last 6mths to a year depending how much you consume per day. Don't forget pets and plants they love the hydration drops.


Can my kids use these products?


I’m sure you want your child/(ren) healthy and our products are kid friendly and you should read the fine print.


Do you take these products?


I use the products I promote and I have my own testimonial.

I am proud to say everything here promoted is absolutely great.

It is more I have tried on the shopping club site Shopfreemart.

Is the x39 Patch great for pain?

Yes and even more. I fight IBS, arthritis & fibromyalgia.  Lifewave has helped dramatically. Lifewave offer immune, anti-aging even petcare. A must to include is drinking good water and oxgen supplement 02.


Is the green drink Thrive?

Our cardio-health green drink mix is designed to help fuel the body’s natural healing processes to restore and strengthen cardiovascular health. Thrive have helped me with palpitations in 2days.


Paid to Lose Weight for real?


YES the details on how the 10k Walk work!

Do you have something for your immune system?


If you visit Lifewave site the x39 patch website they offer a choice of patches.  Shopfreemart offer a serious product called Immunize and another product called ACTIVATE.

Can I sell products too?


Choose your preferred company by the product you want to offer and just hit sign up or register. If you have a problem contact me.

TEXT your way to another income stream!