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2025 Goal

Morris Family Reunion

We are planning for a fabulous event with great entertainment. Let us start saving now.

Theme: "Legacy of Love, Faith, and Success"

1 Cor. 13:4

2021 Photos

morris logo_edited.png
morris logo_edited.png
Best Afro, Best 70's Fashion, Best Matching Couple, Soul Train Line up & more!
Prizes & Trophies

Possible Locations

Where would you like to go? Most Votes win.

Nashville Gaylord

Anatole Dallas

or Destination Trip to the Bahamas

We want to hear from you and we can plan activities. Feel free to suggest another site like Vegas.

Thurs. Party Bus City Tour

Fri. Reception & Talent Show

Sat. Red Carpet 70's Gala

Sun. Farewell Prayer Breakfast

Video 1      Video 2     Video 3

"Coming" Morris Family Memoir Magazine

Thanks for submitting!

Get your 70's Outfits Ready!

2021 Images

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