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Just for Weight Loss

Hi this page is just for those want to lose weight.without a lot of strict changes.

Start with good water. Hydration drops, only 6 drops to a gallon of water. One bottle of drops will last 6months to a year.  Make your detox tea, 1 tea bag to a gallon and drink some daily. Use the patch SP6 and 02 oxygen drops to help with appetite and overall energy and wellness. All products offer additional benefits worth reading. You will be happy and satisfied with your results. If you are a coffee drinker we offer two different brands, this a must have!

Our Products


All our products are good in your fight to get fit and lose weight.

My best summary is to use the detox tea with good water. Use the oxygen drops and consider adding the "Thrive" the green drink. No dieting needed to experience results. The SP6 is a patch that just helps you with cravings and detox. Losing wt. will come naturally.

Protective fashion mask & matching gloves coming soon!